Week 3 ACL and Bucket Handle Tear Recovery

We have made it through 3 weeks... well I have made it through 3 weeks but if you are silently following this blog waiting for your moment to strike then you to have made it through 3 weeks as well.

So far the journey has not been the worst one I could have imagined but it also does get a little frustrating. I am currently getting back into a normal workout routine where I incorporate my daily leg workouts with a specific muscle group and try to do German Volume Training on that muscle group. I do wish I could do more but I must be patient and accept the process! Everything is healing and I am much further along than most so looking on the bright side is the only option.

I went to BJJ this past weekend for open mat and did my stretches and daily exercises while everyone else participated in open mat. It felt amazing to be back in the gym and around the folks at BCBJJ! I cannot wait to get back out there and roll with them in a few (or 6) months. I did do some shrimping on the mat to just get the feeling back in my legs and it was only a tease that will motivate me more to PT as much as possible. Cannot wait!

Working out in PT is still pretty consistent and we have added squats, leg press, leg curl and balance ball just shifting weight around and trying to create better stabilization with the destroyed knee. I am hoping tomorrow on my 21 day post op I have some more to write about my progress but overall everything is going as planned. More will be written tomorrow.


Did a very similar routine on the 21st day but added in toe taps and walking with a bend in my knee over cones. Was not as bad as I thought it was going to be but certainly I was a little uncomfortable. I do still feel nervous that the graft will pop or meniscus will tear again...


ROM - +1
Flexion 128°
Pain - 0
Set backs - N/A
Win of the day - Walking and bending my knee! 
Inspiration? Overcoming my fear of walking up stairs!