Week 5 & 6 ACL and Bucket Handle Tear Recovery

Progress... progress... progress!!! Leg range of motion is almost back and getting to 0 or -1 isnt all that hard to accomplish. The hardest part now is going to be taking it easy and not over doing it risking reinjury! Exercise at this time is as follows:

Stretching - lots of stretching!
120 Leg lifts with 5lb weight
70 squats
30 squat rocks
30 calf raises
5 sets battle ropes
5 sets planks 45 seconds
22 80lb leg press
22 44lb leg curls
60 One legged balance while throwing balls at trampoline
6 minute balance ball
10 minutes bike, level 10, 2 miles minimum
8 minutes elliptical
8 minutes stair stepper
6 minutes backwards walk treadmill
Gait training with cones
30 High Knees

Fuck is that a lot of stuff to accomplish but I do it over and over and over with a smile till this is all done! I cannot wait till this is all done but man the journey has been fun thus far! Good luck out there folks!

ROM - -1
Flexion 140°
Pain - 0
Set backs - N/A
Win of the day - No brace is the win of forever!
Inspiration? Old lady doing squats at PT
Current video game - Kingdom Hearts 3