Week 4 ACL and Bucket Handle Tear Recovery

This week I have begun with a bunch of new exercises primarily focused on gaining strength and improving balance. I have also begun walking with my leg bending and have experienced little to no pain or discomfort. I am getting a little bit ancy and really want to get out and move more but I am holding myself back.

 I have started my workout routine again! I can keep a rather intense workout going with lighter weights and higher reps which gets the blood flowing to finish off the workouts with 20 minutes of bike (ROM improvement).  Modifying as much as possible to meet the exercises that I complete in PT.
Off to the surgeon tomorrow so hopefully I can remove this stupid brace!
 This is the life of someone needing to use a rest room when out and about! Dear lord do I hate this brace every day even more than the last!!!

ROM - 0
Flexion 134°
Pain - 0
Set backs - N/A
Win of the day - Cleaning the smelly brace!
Inspiration? Some autistic kid signing on AGT. If he can sing why shouldn't I be able to set the record for ACL recovery? sure...
Current video game - NHL 19


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