Week 8 - 13 ACL and Bucket Handle Tear

Well it has been a while since I have updated anything on here. The leg feels great and has been feeling great ever since week 8. I am back to a normal workout routing and even begun training BJJ this week with very limited drilling. The knee does feel a little weird to kneel for long periods of time but overall it is not that bad! I go for a strength check with the surgeon in 3 weeks which should be the time they allow me to run and jump with my workouts. I doubt I can do any pivoting at that time but it should increase my workouts to some new exercises to get back to normal. Otherwise all is good!

If you are facing the surgery or in the rehab process stay positive and do your workouts! It really is everything when you are getting into these middle months where you will notice a world of difference.

Later folks!