Week 2 ACL and Bucket Handle Tear Recovery

Started Driving this week (Day 9)! The knee felt good and all the strength to do normal driving was there. The shin seems to have a dull pain in it though when I drive for too long (maybe 2 hours was not the best amount of time to test it out)

Biking during PT is getting easier and range of motion is there with the leg but still some soreness when bending and moving a bit faster than I am used to. This isn't all that bad as it is not painful but feels like it is a little tight which sort of worries me. On day 9 while walking with the crutch I swear I could feel my meniscus get pulled upon when I was walking or doing something a little faster than I should. Feels like shit and is really sharp and stops me in my tracks but is gone instantly at the same time. I just tried to take it a little easier after that and the feeling hasn't reproduced.

I can see the tear drop coming back in my quads! Still a long ways away but dang it feels good to see progress there. Began using weights when doing leg lifts (only 2lbs) but also increased the number of reps to 40 so the legs are really starting to fire and get sore from PT. Did 22 squats with body weight today (day 14) as well and holy hell the legs felt like jello!

Successful end to week 2 and ready to start week 3... Oh yeah, I have officially been cleared to stop using the crutches and am walking with the knee brace only!

ROM - 0
Flexion 116°
Pain - 1
Set backs - N/A
Win of the day - Walking without my crutches or Squats! Squats felt amazing on the quads!!!
Inspiration? David Goggins - Cant Hurt me

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