End of week one ACL and Bucket Handle Tear Recovery

End of week 1 recap... My knee feels good and is progressing! The first few days I saw the most progress and overall for the week the progress is night and day but I feel like that progress is going to begin to slow down exponentially. Walked today in PT with 1 crutch in my left armpit and did the typical exercises with the reps being turned up by x20. My knee was about 1cm more swollen today and that could be due to the getting around more and not spending all my time on the couch. Overall though I feel better and made some progress with my knee bending more! Some photos below of todays rehab and the numbers!

Huge shout out to my PT Robert! Pushing me everyday and giving me realistic goals to reach and making sure I get back to BJJ as soon as possible! Thanks bro!

Went to the Surgeon for my week 1 checkup at 8 days. Doc thinks my knee is doing fantastic and my muscles are recovering very well with the current PT schedule. On a high note he said that my current recovery is where he would expect an 18 year old after 4 weeks of PT. I am going to assume that is a very good thing that I am that far ahead of schedule. 

From here on out I will be posting weekly and not daily.

ROM - +2
Flexion 108° w/ PT and 98° without PT
Pain - 1
Set backs - Daughter fell on my leg but only hurt for a second... Not really a setback but could have been hell!!!
Win of the day - I biked on the machine and felt good!
Inspiration? Walking with a crutch

Current video game - Kingdom Hearts 3