Day 7 ACL and Bucket Handle Tear Recovery

Day 7 in the books... Did my own rehab at home with stretching, HELL slides, Russian quad tense things(no idea the name), leg lifts holding the quad tight, essentially everything and anything to wake up the quad and stretch the knee. Leg was actually a little bit sore today which I am not sure what it was from exactly. I may have spent a little too much time on my feet getting dinner ready and not enough time sitting with my foot up in the air. This brace is god awful annoying and I hope at my 1 week checkup with the surgeon he talks about me being a miraculous recovery patient and I don't need the brace but that is unlikely.. haaaa Below are pictures because I am done typing for the evening.


ROM - n/a
Flexion n/a
Pain - 2
Set backs - N/A
Win of the day - Hell slides!
Inspiration? Feeling some soreness in my quad

Current video game - NHL 19 (Stanley Cup Champion)


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