Day 6 ACL and Bucket Handle Tear Recovery

Today is the first day that I actually noticed some swelling of my ankle.. I was expecting to see a bit of swelling the first few days after reading other blogs but I was not seeing much swelling at all for myself and thought I was in the clear. Not that the swelling is really noticeable to anyone else or does it actually cause any issues for myself but just something I have noticed. I did start doing a little more this weekend and have been up more than down the last 2 days so that could be a reason for some of the swelling. Ohh well! The leg is still moving forward in a positive direction and has not really caused me any discomfort in the form of pain.

Todays PT was full of some really big positives that had me smiling and ready to continue pushing harder and harder for the coming months. My knee was able to flex beyond 90 and most of all I was able to do a full rotation on the bike! Not sure how far back the seat was but just getting my leg to do the motion of riding a bike felt like some incredible progress in my first week! One more PT session and then back to the surgeon for my 8 day check up.

ROM - +3
Flexion 102°
Pain - 1
Set backs - swelling in my ankles
Win of the day - Riding a bike
Inspiration? Seeing the difference in 3 days!

Current video game - Beat Resident Evil 2