Day 4 ACL and Bucket Handle Tear Recovery

Today I showered, navigated stairs and ventured outside my sitting position on the couch along with kicked all pain meds out of my life.. Well at least the strong meds I kicked out of my life and moved to only the anti-inflammatory and the Tylenol. I am feeling really good though and I did my rehab exercises at home but was a little hesitant with bending my knee back any further than the 69° I did at the PT center. Not that I think I am going to hurt myself but I don't want to create any set backs when I am feeling like the ball is rolling forward and no stopping the progress! Showering or sprinkling water on yourself while you sit or assisted stand up while trying not to fall is interesting! I can only imagine it will get easier from here to shower but man was that first one funny and probably a lot harder than it should have been. I have a seat in the shower so I could sit down but getting in there and figuring out when to remove the brace along with cleaning my body then spraying off the soapy water... just made for an interesting time and something I would rather now repeat. On to how my knee is feeling... I feel like my quad is getting strong but it is thin and looking like shit.. All of the prehab exercises I did has it able to semi fire but for the most part it is useless looking. I am able to almost fully extend down as far as the other one which is a relief! With the Bucket Handle tear I was not able to straighten my leg because the meniscus was just a wedge in between my knee and shin and wouldn't let me get my leg straight.. Well now I am going to straighten it all the time and enjoy that amazing feeling of stretching those ligaments and muscles! Also that is one of the exercises I do every 30 minutes is 50 of those to try and get the quad to fire and be strong. Just going to trust the process and do those over and over and over till it is time for some real exercises of my quads.

ROM - +5
Flexion 69°
Pain - 1 (No Oxy)
Set backs - N/A
Win of the day - Stairs
Inspiration? Adventuring outside felt good

Current video game - Resident Evil 2 Remake


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