Day 3 ACL and Bucket Handle Tear Recovery

Today was a good day! PT was tough and I pushed myself really hard to complete my exercises and was able to take a few steps with the help of my crutches and using 50% weight on my robot leg. Todays session I did heel slides, calf stretches, IT band stretch, walking with crutches, quad firing exercises and bike pedal half rotation... I cannot stress enough how important the prehab exercises were to my own psyche for feeling confident with rehab. I have been able to do all of the exercises that are recommended by my PT and do them without much pain or strain. I did do half circle repetitions on the bike which was hell! The feeling of bending my knee is still something that I am not comfortable with and will probably take some time and healing but I will take the bending that I did today as a success. Going to be stopping the regular use of Oxy as I just feel like shit when I am taking them during the day.. My plan is to transition to only taking take some at night to get some sleep and avoid any unexpected pain while sleeping. I would love to get off the couch for sleeping and into my bed but before I get into the bed I must conquer all 12 stairs to the 2nd floor... That is my goal for tomorrow night!

ROM - +5
Flexion 69°
Pain - 3
Set backs - N/A
Win of the day - I finally pooped after 3 days!!!
Inspiration? Taking a step with 50% weight on my robot leg! 

Current video game - NHL 19


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